We believe everyone deserves a home. We provide compassionate listening, focused referrals, and financial assistance to prevent homelessness.

Our Mission


We believe that everybody deserves a home. Since 1986, United Churches Emergency Fund has devoted its energy to passionately advocate for the prevention of homelessness.

UCEF offers ways for you to help prevent homelessness in Seattle. Find out how your donation can help somebody in need.

We communicate the latest information on our fight to prevent homelessness through newsletters.


Prevent Homelessness

United Churches Emergency Fund

Prevent Homelessness

The graphics above are from the 2018 study Losing Home: The Human Cost of Eviction in Seattle done by the Seattle Women’s commission and the King County Bar Association. The graph on the left shows that people are frequently evicted for as little as $100, an amount that UCEF could completely cover, and when UCEF partners with other agencies, our money can go even further. The graph on the right shows the city broken down by zip codes with the darker the blue the more evictions. UCEF helps people in North East Seattle – where the rate of eviction is some of the highest in the city.

UCEF continues to fill a need in our community – to help prevent homelessness before it happens. A 2018 Federal Reserve Report found that 40% of Americans could not cover an emergency of as little as $400. In addition, a 2018 study done by the Seattle Women’s Commission and the King County Bar Association found that people are often evicted for less than $100 and that 63% of people who are evicted in Seattle become homeless. UCEF is there to help catch people in crisis, to help cover them when their own emergency funds are insufficient or have been exhausted. Many of our clients are between jobs or have even gotten new jobs – but they don’t have enough money to cover their rent or utility bill before the next paycheck comes in. An investment in UCEF prevents the cycle of homelessness from starting. For those in crisis, UCEF is here to help.